a world of magic

somewhere in time/Yarah

kiss of life
or are you a driven one, always eager to do, to produce something, always active, feverishly pursuing any goals, not able to let go internally, suffering from the so called todo-illness or you are a perfectionist, you always have to look good, you do sports until you fall over, your house is at anytime sparkling, you always compare yourself with others, you may also have one or the other edictions and from your mother you got little to no emotional support, while the father was more attentional, not necessarily on the emotional level, but only when you have reAched any goals and made a great performance: more than often you are out of breath, realizing sometimes that you have to exhale extra deep because you – as excited as you are – most of the time inhales way too fast and way too much ? living your feminine energy is hard for you. that means you can not sit still, nor can you give life space, allowing it to unfold freely, letting life come to you … RECEIVE …

compulsively you have to make affords, because you have learned that it is the only way to get recognition. you have to compulsively perform because otherwise it gnaws at your self-worth; the moment you start to relax a little bit. you are a father’s daughter.

[doing something is entirely legitimate,
but compulsively accomplishing something is one of two things]

most women are unaware why they are so driven. ttey do not know that their compulsion to perform is based on a deep wound. a wound that cries out to hear, be accepted and healed. it is the wound of the unseen and unheared mother’s daughter … it’s the mothers wound. and this wound contains a lot of pain … that wants to be seen, heard and healed …

when dear soul sister, do you listen to your heart and finally come back to you? to rest ? or does life have to stop you through violence? in the form of illness, burnout, accidents or other disasters?

remember, you are not your demonstrable achievements.

just Being is already valuable enough.

yes, to be as you really are is more than enough …
and taking what lives brings …

stars make me feel, like i’ve got friends/Lana

nymphea’s daydreams(Ailu

and pain is so close to pleasure/Michele

i sing to life and all that dances through me/L'Aniles

deep as the sea/Sabrina, Maike, Katrin (triplet)

i want you here/L'Aura

oasis/Yarah & doggie Indi


mermaid's watching birds flying high in the sky/L'Aniles

i'm my mothers child /L'Aniles & Petra (daughter & mother)

turn of the tide/L' Aniles

burn with me/Lana

God blessed me/L’Aniles

crazy for feeling so blue/Maike

deep beneath the ancient waters/L'Aniles


the seawhisperer II/Caty Michele Marta

crazy gang/Renee, Lea, Nina, Yarah

prelude to a kiss/L'Aniles

seadreamer/Lisa Katharina

so much more/Ailu

lost in wonderland/L'Aniles

je ne regrette rien/Ailu

towards the within/Marta, Michele, Caty

dragons & daffodils/L’Aniles

he's got you/Katrin & Maike

i'm my mothers child II/L'Aniles & Petra (daughter and mother)

dharma moon/Lana

the seawhisperer III/Marta, Michele, Caty


nymphea III/Ailu

on a lazy sunday afternoon/Caty, Marta, Michele




reflections of the deep/L'Aniles


watergroove II/Caty, Michele, Marta

the mermaid's going for a swim/Ailu

reflections of the deep/L' Aniles


sound of dreams/ Melanie

friends/Yarah, Renée

medusa/ L'Aniles

cut from love/Aino Täithi

fully present/Aino Täihti

she has been healing her pain, embracing her shadows, claiming her body and womb-temple, releasing her shame, clearing the victim/ opressor patterns, facing her fears, walking out of dishonouring spaces and so much more.

and now she is harvesting the gift of her deep inner work.

she stands steady, anchored inside herself. she has let go her history. her cellular memories are cleaned out. and as she connects to her divine longing and her passion, she deepens her surrender. she is free and she is travelling light. her energy is no longer sucked into the past, or running away into the future. she feels powerful and abundant.
she is fully present.

nymphea’s dream/Aino Täihti

in love/Theresa Chiara