a world of magic

somewhere in time/Yarah

kiss of life/Ailu

stars make me feel, like i’ve got friends/Lana

and pain is so close to pleasure/Michele

i sing to life and all that dances through me/L'Aniles

deep as the sea/Sabrina Maike Katrin (triplet)

nymphea’s daydreams(Ailu

i want you here/L'Aura

oasis/Yarah & doggie Indi


i'm my mothers child /L'Aniles & Petra (daughter & mother)

turn of the tide/L' Aniles

burn with me/Lana

god blessed me/L’Aniles

the elves/Orfni Milaiel Moriona Frey’era

crazy for feeling so blue/Maike

deep beneath the ancient waters/L'Aniles


the seawhisperer/Caty Michele Marta

crazy gang/Renee, Lea, Nina, Yarah (cousins)

prelude to a kiss/L'Aniles

seadreamer/Lisa Katharina

so much more/Ailu


je ne regrette rien/Ailu

towards the within/Marta, Michele, Caty

dragons & daffodils/L’Aniles

he's got you/Katrin & Maike

the kiss/L’Aniles

i’m my mothers child/L’Aniles & Petra (daughter and mother)

dharma moon/Lana

the seawhisperer/Marta Michele Caty




on a lazy sunday afternoon/Caty Marta Michele



cut from love/Aino Täthi

reflections of the deep/L'Aniles


watergroove/Caty Michele Marta

the mermaid's going for a swim/Ailu


reflections of the deep/L' Aniles


break free/Ailu

sound of dreams//Milaiel

friends/Yarah, Renée

medusa/ L'Aniles

deep as the sea/Katrin Sabrina Maike (triplet)

fully present/Aino Täihti

she has been healing her pain, embracing her shadows, claiming her body and womb-temple, releasing her shame, clearing the victim/ opressor patterns, facing her fears, walking out of dishonouring spaces and so much more.

and now she is harvesting the gift of her deep inner work.

she stands steady, anchored inside herself. she has let go her history. her cellular memories are cleaned out. and as she connects to her divine longing and her passion, she deepens her surrender. she is free and she is travelling light. her energy is no longer sucked into the past, or running away into the future. she feels powerful and abundant.
she is fully present.

nymphea/Aino Tähti

longing/Theresa Chiara



healing circle/Katrin Maike Sabrina (triplet)

the elves/Frey’era Orfni

memories of blue/Sabrina Maike

down beneath the ancient waters/L’Aniles

she cannot see them, but they can see her/the elves/Aino Tähti Orfni Milaiel Moriona Frey’era

innocente/Sabrina Katrin

down beneath the ancient waters/L’Aniles

Pacha Mama/Ailu


the seawhisperer/Marta Michele Caty



bloodless/Michele Caty

fields of gold/L’Aniles

lavender girl/L’Aura



the virgin suicides/Marta Caty Michele

alone but not alone/L’Aniles

far across the distance/Maike

angels coming down from heaven/Michele Marta Caty